In our store, we get many fashionable people who love the comfort of Birkenstock footwear and then say something we've heard many times before, "I don't know what I'd wear them with!"

Birkenstock Attitudes to the fashion rescue! We created the hashtag #BALookOfTheDay on our Instagram page to show everyone just how versatile and stylish you can be while wearing Birkenstocks. 

Now, we have people from all over the world using the hashtag and sharing their amazing outfits. Whether they are fashion bloggers, students, or housewives, we've seen so many different and fashionable looks that it's safe to say the "hippie" label has been put to rest!

Make sure to follow our Instagram page and tag us if you ever have an outfit we should see. Who knows, you might just be our next #BALookOfTheDay!

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