Birkenstock Pastels : Pretty in Pink (and Mint)

Just in time for Valentine's Day and Spring 2019, get excited for these vibrant Birkenstock Arizona sandals! 

Once every few years, Birkenstock will release a colorful collection that turns heads everywhere. Whether it's high school teens or mommy bloggers that love a pop of color, the pastel Arizonas in pink and mint (or as the box says, turquoise) have been hot items in our store. 

Birkenstock Arizona Pink and Mint Turquoise Nubuck | Birkenstock Attitudes

Both versions of the sandal come with nubuck (leather) uppers, which make them almost as soft as suede, but still have a firmness that allows the straps to stay up (perfect for sliding on easily after Soul Cycle!). If the colors aren't enough of a statement piece, both have gold-colored buckles that add a touch of elegance (and allow them to be dressier than many other Birkenstock sandals). If you know Birkenstock, then you'll be thrilled these come with the oh-so-comfy soft footbed.

Birkenstock Arizona Pink Nubuck | Birkenstock Attitudes

Pink is a color that is always in high demand for Birkenstocks, and this particular shade is perfect: not as bright as a neon pink, but more vibrant than a muted pastel.

Birkenstock Arizona Pink Nubuck

Only released every few seasons, the mint / turquoise is a unique tone that is sure to receive many compliments. If you're a fan of the famous Tiffany's color (who doesn't love getting those jewelry boxes!), you won't want to miss this edition of the Arizona. 

As with most of Birkenstock's seasonal or limited edition items, there is no guarantee these will ever be produced again. And even if they do bring back a pink or mint color, it could very well be a different tone or a different type of leather. 

These items are no longer available Birkenstock's website or in most stores, but the good news is that Birkenstock Attitudes still has them! Shop the collection in-store or on our website HERE for the pink or HERE for the mint! 




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