Birkenstock's Sneaker, the Bend!

Sneakers are one of the most popular and versatile types of footwear around the world. Whether wearing them at the airport, to class, or even on the dance floor at weddings, they seem to be useful in every occasion and for every use. However, they can be quite uncomfortable at times due to their lack of arch support and use of low-quality materials. Luckily for Birkenstock fans, the brand we all love has recently introduced a new unisex sneaker style, the Bend.

Birkenstock Bend Sneaker

Combining the sleek profile of a trendy sneaker with the classic comfort that Birkenstock is long known for, the Bend has quickly become a customer favorite since its release a few seasons ago. In fact, many of our customers who have purchased one color have returned to get a second and third pair in a different color!

Birkenstock Bend Sneaker at Birkenstock Attitudes

At the heart of every Birkenstock product is its famous anatomically-correct cork arch support, and the Bend is no different. Featuring a removable cork/ latex footbed, you'll think that you're wearing your favorite pair of broken-in Birkenstock Arizona sandals.

Birkenstock Bend Sneaker insert

Adding to the comfort of the insert is an additional midsole made of cork and PU. Like Nike's famous "air" bubble look from the 1980's, the Bend has a partially exposed cork feature in the heel, so everyone will know that this is, in fact, a Birkenstock product! 

The Bend has featured several different types of upper materials. The "core" colors of black and white use a high quality natural leather. Other limited edition uppers have included canvas (perfect for the summer heat) and suede (great for cooler temperatures).


We've seen the Bend styled in many different ways. The most popular look is keeping it casual with a t-shirt and shorts or jeans. But, there are so many ways you can dress it up. Our female employees have paired the Bend with leather pants, a sundress, or a fancy blouse. Meanwhile, our owner has styled his with with an untucked button down and fancy joggers for a comfortable night out on the town.

Birkenstock Attitudes team modeling Birkenstock Bend sneakers

As mentioned before, the Bend is a UNISEX style, meaning it comes in both small and large sizes, ranging from European size 36 (a women's size 5) all the way through 46 (men's size 13)! 

Birkenstock's Bend is a must-have for all loyal fans of the brand and will probably find a permanent home in shoe closets next to Arizona sandals and Boston clogs. Stop by our store to try them on and feel the comfort for yourself, or shop them here by clicking on the link below!

Birkenstock Attitudes model


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