Yes, Margot Robbie wore Birkenstock sandals in BARBIE THE MOVIE!

BARBIE THE MOVIE has been hotly anticipated since the main trailer was released in May of 2023. In the clip, we see Margot Robbie and Kate McKinnon, two of the star-studded cast, in a scene that pays homage to THE MATRIX. 

Kate's character tells Margot's Barbie that she could either go back to her regular life (symbolized by a pair of uncomfortable yet pretty heels) or know "the truth about the universe" (symbolized by the iconic Birkenstock Arizona). 

(Images from Warner Brother's BARBIE THE MOVIE trailer/ Youtube)

Birkenstock fans across the globe were overjoyed to see their beloved sandal receive such publicity. But the question on everyone's minds: Was Barbie/ Margot going to actually WEAR Birkenstock in the movie? Was it going to be a WIZARD OF OZ nod where she would put on the Arizona and tap her heels? 


Yes, Margot Robbie does indeed wear the Birkenstock Arizona in BARBIE! Watching the movie, you might think the quick cameo would be all there is, but Birkenstock as a symbol/ motif is emphatically emphasized in the very final scene of the movie- when Barbie becomes a part of the real world. She, like millions of satisfied Birkenstock customers before her, realizes that the iconic sandal is the more comfortable and sensible footwear to go with her street wear look.

So exactly WHICH pair did the fashionista choose? She went with the limited edition Arizona Big Buckle in High Shine Light Rose!!! 

And this choice makes complete sense! While it remains the iconic and comfy Arizona two-strap sandal, it is elevated to a dressier level with the oversized hardware and patent leather... so fitting for Barbie! 

This sandal was part of the limited edition collection of Spring/ Summer 2022, so most stores and online retailers were sold out of them... but our boutique, BIRKENSTOCK ATTITUDES in El Paso, Texas, still had inventory as of the BARBIE premier in July! 

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