(Rose) Gold Rush! The Copper Birkenstock Craze

One of the most in-demand Birkenstock products of the past year has been the copper (rose gold) Arizona. This item has gone beyond admiration of the core Birkenstock customer who typically updates their collection with a new color or texture every season. Truly, it was a statement piece craved by fashionistas around the globe!

When our Birkenstock rep visited us in early 2014 to present the Fall/ Winter '14 preview, there was no doubt in our minds that the copper Arizona was going to stand out. Lined with a rose gold foil on the leather upper, the sandal also featured a beautiful and unique copper sole and the ever-so-comfortable Birkenstock soft footbed. There wasn't a question of IF we were going to order it, but HOW MANY we were going to order.

We bet big and filled several of our shelves with the product, and we are so glad we did! Fashion stores like Nordstrom featured the product but quickly ran out of inventory. Soon, we were getting calls from around the country asking for it, so much so that we made this e-commerce website to feature it and other popular Birkenstock footwear that was difficult to find.

The copper Arizona gained huge popularity with the help of social media. In July of 2014, supermodel Kate Upton (Sports Illustrated) posted a picture on Instagram of herself wearing them while on vacation that gained 84,000+ likes (Instagram link). 

Fashion bloggers from around the world also picked up on the trend. We loved Amber Nickerson's photoshoot for her site, Pacific Chic (Link). While Kate Upton's look was perfectly suited for the beach, Amber's featured classy basics that were accentuated with the Birkenstocks.

Here in El Paso, local fashionista and owner of a fantastic clothing boutique, J. Luxe, Jessica Escalante was the first in the city to get the coppers (adorably purchased for her as a surprise present by her boyfriend!). She made sure they were in her suitcase on her trip to Mexico. Our stores also collaborated on an outfit that was posted onto our respective Instagram accounts.

And to everyone who missed out last time these were released, we have some good news... Birkenstock will be releasing a NEW version of the Copper Arizona sandals this Fall 2015! Check back soon for pictures and to get them from our online shop, or stop by Birkenstock Attitudes in El Paso to see them for yourself!

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