Birkenstock Item of Summer 16: Biscay Bay Arizona!

Spring/ Summer 2016 has been yet another success season for Birkenstock. One of the favorite items thus far has been the gorgeous "Biscay Bay" colorway in the Arizona style. 

The bold turquoise color was used in an oiled leather upper. An interesting thing about using the oiled leathers is that almost every sandal is unique- the darker shades of the leather appear at different locations. This type of leather also makes for a weathered, antique look. 

The sandal's footbed is the classic cork Birkenstock one, but instead of the usual black EVA sole, a new "sport" sole was used to give the sandal a fresh look for the summer. A white stripe rests upon the rubber sole, providing a different look for the famous two strap sandal. 

Birkenstock Arizona Biscay Bay | Birkenstock Attitudes

This Biscay Bay Arizona is a seasonal item, so all Birkenstock fans who love the color should get them before they are gone! All sizes are currently available on our WEBSITE

Biscay Bay Birkenstock Arizona | Birkenstock Attitudes

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